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Welcome to Conant Law Firm, PLC

Relationships matter to us, because people matter to us.

◊ At Conant Law Firm, PLC, the role of trusted advisor is highly prized. We appreciate the opportunity to represent dynamic, entrepreneurial and forward thinking companies and individuals with the various challenges that they experience in pursuit of their business and personal endeavors.

Results matter to us, because relationships matter to us.

◊ We implement simple, practical and cost-effective technology that allows us to maximize the delivery of legal services to our clients. We work with compatible law firms in Phoenix and surrounding states in a way that allows us to increase the scope of representation for clients that require expanded services. Formed to provide excellent service to discerning clients, Conant Law Firm, PLC, is an “AV rated” LexisNexis Martindale Hubbell firm which welcomes the chance to put its talents to use on behalf of its clients.



At Conant Law Firm, PLC, we work:

to develop good relations with our clients.
◊ It is our clients who give us the opportunity to practice our art. We respect their needs as we pursue their goals.

to earn the confidence of those from whom we receive referrals.
◊ We do not advertise; all of our business comes from our friends in the legal community, current and former clients, many times opposing counsel, and others who know of our work.

to earn the trust of those before whom we practice.
◊ Judges, jurors, arbitrators, hearing officers and mediators are all people; they are all part of the legal system and we work to earn their trust in our good work.

to build relationships with those with whom we work.
◊ Co-counsel, support personnel, employees, contractors and special vendors give us flexibility to project our persuasive efforts on behalf of our clients, and we recognize and value their relationships with us.